The Texicans - Old West Re-enactments
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 The TEXICANS were founded with a desire to portary the life and times in the geographical area and time known as the OLD WEST era. Using period correct attire, language and stories to portray drama and humor, we perform good clean "Family" entertainment for all ages.               The TEXICANS have performed all across the east Texas area at Festivals and Events to the delight of audiences and hosts alike. Utilizing and female actors and even some young'uns in our skits to accurately portray the life and times of the old west era from 1865 through 1900. Calling The Mountain at Canton, Texas our Home Range due to the fact that we perform there every First Monday Trades Day Weekend, doing shows on Saturday and Sunday for the pleasure and entertainment of the shoppers, visitors and their childern. Visiting The Mountain is like stepping back in time as all the business and building are like an old West Town. The Texicans even have their own OLD WEST TOWN, called Flat Hat, Tx. located there, where we perform.                                                                                  Cowboys, and the cowboys way of life has always intrigued folks, mostly due to their free lifestyle, their honesty and last but not least their respect for their womenfolk. There were GOOD GUYS and BAD GUYS and simple justice prevailed, often times with the report of a .45 or the squeal of a rope at a Necktie Party! Times were hard and tough and the folks living then had to meet the challenge the best way they deemed necessary. It has been said that "GOD created all men,but Sam Colt made all men equal"! Justice was sometimes swift as the twitch of a trigger finger! So, come meet our Cowboys, Pretty Ladies, Outlaws, Marshall and the Judge for fun filled entertainment you won't soon forget.
We'll be lookin' fer ya Pardner!! Hope to see ya soon!!! Hope you enjoy us as much as we enjoy ya'll. Thanks for Visitings with us, and Happy Trails!
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